(Hack!) Obama Administration (Hack! Hack!) Bails On Stronger (Hack!) EPA Smog Regs

Another day, another pathetic, backsliding capitulation from the Obama Administration.  This time, it’s putting off tougher smog pollution standards because, well, I’m not sure why exactly.  Maybe it’s because it might hurt his reelection campaign.  Maybe it’s a preemptive appeasement to the GOP in a sure-to-be futile effort to gain support for his jobs plan. Or maybe he’s simply a pussy.  Who the hell knows anymore?  And I’m getting to the point where I just don’t care what his excuses are. 

Do we put up monuments to the worst presidents in history?  Maybe we should start. We can put their faces on the air dryer things in bus station urinals so we can all remember which Presidents really blew.

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Poor, Poor Pitiful Me: Is Obama really this weak or slyly shrewd?

Hi, I’m the President of the United States, and given that our economy is collapsing around us and unemployment is out of control, I thought it might be a good idea to give a speech to you folks in Congress on Wednesday about what we can do to create some jobs, you know, for real people.  Whattya think?  Oh, Wednesday’s no good for you cause you’re already busy tearing me a new one on national tv that night?  But Thursday during the football game is okay?  Well, I really wanted an actual audience to hear my speech, but, hey, if Thursday’s cool with you, I’m down with that.

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The single most disgraceful thing I’ve ever heard

So the bankers who brought the world economy to its knees with their lending and mortgage scams are gonna skate.  It would be shocking if it wasn’t so damned obviously going to turn out this way.  The Justice Department and state attorney generals are going to soon reach a settlement that cuts off any future civil or criminal liabilities in exchange for a relative pittance of a fine that’s going to end up flipped back to the banks as “loan modifications” anyway.  It’s flat out disgusting.

The financial crisis is the defining issue of Obama’s presidency, and he’s not going to do a damn thing to change anything or hold anyone at all responsible for the massive, unprecedented fraud and market manipulation.  You can be sure that any settlement will contain language to the effect of “by agreeing to this settlement, we in no way admit to any wrongdoing.”

No matter how scary the GOP nutjobs running in 2012 are, and I agree, some of those folks scare the Hell outta me, it doesn’t change the reality that Obama has and continues to be a major disappointment and massive failure who, in a sane universe, should have no shot of winning reelection as a dogcatcher, let alone President.

If the Democrats don’t come up with a viable alternative very soon, we’re going to be saddled with one of those republican whackos anyway because he’s going to lose.  He’s simply been that bad and continues to get inexplicably worse.

These banker bastards destroyed the entire global economy and our President, a man who ran under a platform of change and audacity, is going to let them walk with little more than a statement saying, “Whoops, my bad.”  There is no more lesser of two evils choice in 2012.  If Obama’s still in the race, its gonna be Evil 1 versus Evil 1-A.

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Feigning Offense

Last week, on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC talk show, guest Pat Buchanan made the bonehead move of using the term “boy” in reference to President Obama.  Admittedly, it was an inconceivably stupid thing to say.  But the reference was far from what it was made out to be.  At what point does offense become automatic, more a gut reaction with little to no context considered?  And should we even be offended when something comes out of a staged circumstance like pitting two shameless opportunists like Sharpton and Buchanan on the air together?

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Off The Record: Private comments and secret numbers reveal the dark side of the press

Kanye West is a Jackass.  Anyone want to argue the merits of that claim?  Any person who barges on to the stage at an awards ceremony, disrupting the acceptance speech of a gracious winner in order to complain that one of their friends didn’t win is, by very definition, a jackass.  West himself might even admit as much.  But God forbid the President say it.

I know, he’s the President.  He’s supposed to be above such petty things.  But at this point in our history, I’m of the opinion that we need a leader willing to call a jackass a jackass.  Enough of this sanitized, on-the-record, off-the-record garbage.  Personally, I think he should have called Joe Wilson a jackass, too. Right in the middle of his speech, no less.

The media is to blame for this, of course.  The very same people decrying their dwindling influence have made this kind of stuff seem like it’s newsworthy.  Who cares what his opinion of Kanye West is?  Why was it necessary to send this out over Twitter as breaking news like he had just insulted the President of Iran or something that might have actually been important?  And the fact that ABC killed the tweet an hour or so later has become more of a story that the comment itself.

But this is what passes for news in today’s fast-paced, magical world of information.  The press devoted far more coverage to Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst during Obama’s speech last week than to the actual substance of the speech.  But it was only on health care, not that important.  Only costs us about a trillion dollars a year.  And why would the Democrats in Congress feel it necessary to formally reprimand Wilson after he’s already apologized to the man he actually insulted?  Because more than a few members of the press will show up, report on it, and embarrass Wilson even further.  No news here, just petty bickering from people who should know better.  And the press is an enabler to the whole thing.

Want to know why people aren’t willing to pay for news on the web?  This stuff isn’t news.  It’s like the gossip pages.  It might be interesting to check out for 30 seconds, but who in their right mind would pay for in-depth coverage of the President’s opinion of the Video Music Awards?  Personally,  I’m waiting for the hot scoop on what type of fabric softener Obama prefers before I subscribe to a news site.  I hear he thinks that Snuggle teddy bear is a jackass, too.

Speaking of jackasses, check this out. Who ever would have imagined that publishers would artificially inflate the number of hits and visitors to their websites in order to support higher advertising rates?  Shocking, isn’t it?  It’s practically a time-honored tradition in publishing circles to seriously exaggerate the numbers of people seeing your publications.  I guess that’s at least one part of their business model they’ve managed to successfully transition to the web.

Remarkably, according to the study sited in the above-mentioned link, your average newspaper is reporting unique visitors  per month at rates about 30 percent above the total population of the geographic areas they serve.  I guess making the numbers believable wasn’t a priority.  Anyway, it’s pretty ironic that bogus, over-inflated numbers weren’t a problem so long as they helped to bilk advertisers out of their money, but now that they might pose an issue because the publishers need actual accurate audience numbers to decide how or if to charge for content without losing their own money.  Well, you can be sure if they do manage to get real-world figures, the advertisers (what’s left of them) will never see it.

I’ve always made it a point to downplay raw circulation numbers when talking to advertisers for just this reason, quite often, they’re a lie or at best, an exagerration.  It’s very easy to justify yourself (and your ad rates) using stats, but often misleading.  It’s not the total number of people your publication reaches, but whether or not the people it does reach serves your needs as an advertiser.  But figuring that out is hard work that requires effort.  And tailoring your work to suit an advertiser’s needs is hard work requiring effort.  It’s a helluva lot easier to just quote a number and let them assume that the people they want to reach are included in that.  This kind of “why try harder than you have to” work ethic has definitely contributed to the fall of the industry.  It’s actually kind of refreshing to see at least a little part of it jump back to bite them.

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An Open Letter To President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I am one of the 46 million Americans that are said to not have health insurance. I say “said to” not because I actually have it and am lying, but because I don’t trust numbers, especially coming from politicians. I understand we’re all set for a big public address this evening touting your efforts on reforming health care in this country. You say it’s essential that we rein in health care costs, that every American has access to health care and those are noble aspirations. But speaking as one of the uninsured, read my next sentence very closely. If the proposals currently be bandied about in congress are the best our elected representatives can come up with, do us all a favor and don’t bother.


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