What’s It All About? Occupy Wall Street confusing to status quo supporters

Apparently, the media pundits haven’t yet gotten on board with the notion that the average American is currently pissed off about everything!  The people protesting in New York and around the country are showing their contempt for a system and a status quo that is totally corrupt from the top down on all levels, and the best our supposedly free press can come up with is confusion about why they don’t have a specific, detailed list of policy demands for them to dissect to death and to the point of total irrelevance like they do with everything else in their sheltered, talking points little world.

NPR says they’re not bothering to cover it because they aren’t enough people, and no one of significance involved.  That should tell you all you need to know right there.  Regular people are pissed at the political class, but their anger doesn’t merit attention unless some of those same politicians show up to co-opt and neuter the whole movement, you know, like what happened to the Tea Party.  Regular people don’t count or merit press attention, I suppose.  Somewhere between 700 and 1,000 protesters were arrested during a march yesterday.  Is that enough people yet?

The whole damn system is obviously broken, but apparently, unless your protests kiss the system’s ass and play by their crooked rules, you don’t get attention.  The last poll I saw showed the approval rating of Congress at a whopping 12%.  12%!  That’s roughly similar to the approval rating for watersports (and I’m not talking about skiing) or old Pauly Shore movies.  What good are specific policy demands when the entire process for enacting them has been corrupted beyond repair?

Another poll recently showed 65% of Republicans support raising taxes on the rich.  In congressional terms, that’s called a super majority.  Two thirds of your party supports it, you would think there would be
a large GOP group in congress getting behind the idea.  But nope, good luck finding even one.  Representative democracy my ass.

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