Motivated Self-Interest: Musings on print publishing and the web

Okay, so I haven’t written about Yonder Mountain String Band yet.  I will, eventually, I have some very pertinent things to say about Yonder at some point, when I get the time.  And that’s the crux of my problems at the moment–a sheer lack of time.

Like a lot of folks these days, particularly in the publishing industry, I work two full-time jobs.  I am a Vet Tech at a local clinic and I’m the editor, webmaster, editorial page designer, writer, photographer, etc for The Chesapeake Bay boating magazine, The Mariner.  I have a pretty full schedule.

I do have every intention of getting this off the ground and running in a lot of ways, but, as yet, time has not allowed.  But I have a spare few minutes today, so here goes.  I recently started a blog-style website for The Mariner, not so much to replicate the magazine, but to supplement it.  It’s been an interesting exercise so far (it’s been live for about three and a half weeks) and I’m about to try and tie it in to everything boating related on the Chesapeake Bay.

I’ve been somewhat outspoken in the past with regards to my feelings on the future of publishing, and this is a pretty good opportunity for me to try and cross-promote a print magazine and a website, two things that many people consider to be at cross purposes in a lot of ways.  Can it be done without robbing Peter to pay Paul?  I’ll find out.  A new print issue of The Mariner is getting delivered even as I type, and in there, right on premium page 4, is my editor’s column trumpeting the new site.  I’ve read many an opinion on the net that supports the belief that the audience for print and the web are two distinctly different groups.  I’m going to be very interested to see what, if any, uptick the website gets when the magazine gets out.  I tend not to believe opinions I read, especially expert ones.  They’re good for ideas, insight and occasional guideposts, but I prefer first hand experience every time.


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