Bing! That’s The Sound Of Irrelevance

So, after a few days break to honor a friend of mine, I’ve decided to get back at it.  The big news lately is, rather unsurprisingly, Rupert Murdoch and News Corp are, in fact, trying to parlay current conditions in online news into a sweet exclusivity deal to index his material with the search engine that will get with his program.  Now, I’m not alone in being rather outspoken about the absurdity of this, particularly if it involves paywalls on the material he wants to index.  Being that it seems a forgone conclusion that Murdoch, and possibly others, will be taking this route in the near future, I thought I’d consider the matter a little more closely.


A Call To Arms: Independent Competition Key to Rejuvenating Publishing

So this week, there’s been some big noise being made around the industry on a number of fronts.  Yet they all seem to be congealing under the concept that large media outlets will continue to cut back, consolidate operations, lock up some or all of their content behind paywalls and cut mega-deals with Microsoft among others, to fragment and attempt to control internet search.  There’s even been more from my favorite media titan, Rupert Murdoch, on how he’s going to take all of his content out of Google, sue the BBC for copyright infringement and, possibly, challenge the concept of Fair Use in court. Good luck with all that, Rupert.  I said a while back that maybe what we need to do is develop alternatives to Rupert’s stuff and cut them out ourselves, but it looks like he’s going to do it for us.


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