The 13 Days of Halloween

I love Halloween!  Not so much the dress up part, just the scary, ghostly general all-around acceptance of horror that goes on this time of year.  And the candy.  You see it everywhere; witches hanging in people’s windows, monsters and tombstones dotting their front lawns, bats hanging from ceiling fans, human skulls and bloody dismembered body parts for sale in every store.  It’s great! 

There are horror movies on most channels all month long, even tv series almost all have creepy Halloween-themed episodes.  Plus, there’s the annual rash of new horror films hitting theaters in droves each October.  Now that’s what I call a holiday!

Since All Hallows Eve of last year rose from and returned to the grave, I’ve released two books of short stories which could modestly be described as either dark, creepy or horrifying, depending on who you ask.  They’re tailor-made for this season.  I love Halloween probably because I enjoy the creepy, frightening side of things so much, and that definitely rubs off in my fiction work.

Well, this Halloween, I’m going to spend the next 13 days leading up to my favorite day of the year talking about all sorts of interesting, scary and ghoulish matters.  I’m calling it the 13 Days of Halloween.  Sounds pretty cool, right?  Or terrifying, if you prefer.  It’ll give me a chance to totally dive into the time of year I like best and get into the holiday spirit.  Who cares about Christmas?  You don’t see spooky carved pumpkins with candles flickering inside their hollowed out carcasses in December, do ya?  Black cats and heavily-warted witches aren’t slapped on every available surface for Thanksgiving, are they?  Don’t get me wrong, turkeys are definitely frightening, just not in the same way as a werewolf. 

All of this ghoulish, ghostly interest will also let me do a little promotional work for my books.  It’s a perfectly fiendish synergy.  I get to dive headlong into the scariest stuff I can find and I can sell some more books in the process.  Victor Frankenstein couldn’t have stitched together a more monsterous plan.

So keep watching.  They’ll be something new and spooky here every day from now until Halloween, 13 days of fright and fun.  Oh yeah, and buy a book or two while you’re at it.  Just don’t read them by candlelight.  You’ve been warned.  Happy Halloween!

The 13 Days of Halloween

Day 1: Scary Movies to Spend a Cold, Dark Night With

Day 2: The Ghosts of St. Mary’s County

Day 3: Vincent Price–The Last of the Great Horror Icons

Day 3: A Few of My Favorite Vincent Price Films

Day 4: Some Fiction For The Season–One Step Ahead

Day 5: Horror Literature–A Truly Unappreciated Art Form

Day 6: Hauntings of the High Seas

Day 7: A Few of My Favorite Horror Books

Day 8: More Fiction For the Season–The Trail

Day 9: Edgar Allan Poe–The Greatest American Writer

Day 10: Horror Anthologies on Film and Television

Day 11: Halloween Rituals and How They Originated

Day 12: Alfred Hitchcock Presents Horror

Day 13: Psycho Killers

Day 13: My Favorite Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Happy Halloween: Even More Fiction for the Season–This Old House


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