Surprise! Roger Goodell upholds own ruling on Pryor suspension

Do you remember when football used to be a contact sport?  I do.  It was what made the game great.  Now, however, thanks to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, it’s quickly turning into a video game with passing yards piling up in ways that make every defensive player sick to their stomach.  Defense was once the most important aspect of the game.  Under Goodell, however, it’s little more than a necessary evil that needs to be constantly restrained for fear that the high-priced offensive talent might actually get banged up.  Um, Roger, in case you didn’t know, that’s what the game’s all about.  If you’re gonna drop back to pass, you’re gonna get smacked down.  Risk/reward, you know?  Or it used to be, anyway.  The new defenseless player rules are quickly making for an entirely defenseless league.

He also recently upheld Terrelle Pryor’s suspension for NCAA violations.  Just consider that for a moment. He suspended a guy for violations he has exactly zero jurisdiction over, and the violations themselves aren’t even against NFL rules.  There also just might be a conflict of interest in allowing the guy who issued the thoroughly unjustified suspension to rule on the appeal, as well.  But, hey, apparently integrity only matters when Goodell says so.  This might have been something the players should have addressed in the recent CBA battle, if they weren’t too busy caving in to the owners’ ludicrous claims of poverty.

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