The single most disgraceful thing I’ve ever heard

So the bankers who brought the world economy to its knees with their lending and mortgage scams are gonna skate.  It would be shocking if it wasn’t so damned obviously going to turn out this way.  The Justice Department and state attorney generals are going to soon reach a settlement that cuts off any future civil or criminal liabilities in exchange for a relative pittance of a fine that’s going to end up flipped back to the banks as “loan modifications” anyway.  It’s flat out disgusting.

The financial crisis is the defining issue of Obama’s presidency, and he’s not going to do a damn thing to change anything or hold anyone at all responsible for the massive, unprecedented fraud and market manipulation.  You can be sure that any settlement will contain language to the effect of “by agreeing to this settlement, we in no way admit to any wrongdoing.”

No matter how scary the GOP nutjobs running in 2012 are, and I agree, some of those folks scare the Hell outta me, it doesn’t change the reality that Obama has and continues to be a major disappointment and massive failure who, in a sane universe, should have no shot of winning reelection as a dogcatcher, let alone President.

If the Democrats don’t come up with a viable alternative very soon, we’re going to be saddled with one of those republican whackos anyway because he’s going to lose.  He’s simply been that bad and continues to get inexplicably worse.

These banker bastards destroyed the entire global economy and our President, a man who ran under a platform of change and audacity, is going to let them walk with little more than a statement saying, “Whoops, my bad.”  There is no more lesser of two evils choice in 2012.  If Obama’s still in the race, its gonna be Evil 1 versus Evil 1-A.

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