Lockout Woes: An Entire NBA Season in Jeopardy

Over the past few months, sports fans everywhere have been subjected to endless labor struggles and shutdowns of our favorite leagues.  The NFL battle, while being somewhat inexplicable to me given the heaping gobs of cash that league is rolling in, has at least come to an end and players will be back on the field soon enough.  The NBA, however, is an entirely different matter.

Over time, my mood and opinion on the NBA issues has shifted a bit.  Initially, I backed the owners as a cursory look at the state of the league seemed to indicate that some significant structural changes needed to be made in the owners benefit.

Read my original take on the NBA’s then upcoming lockout on Bleacher Report

However, once the season ended with a thrilling championship win by the Dallas Mavericks over the much-despised Miami Heat, I’ve had more time to look a little more deeply into the issues at hand.  While I still believe that a deal has to be struck more to the owners benefit, what the league is seeking isn’t reasonable concessions but total destruction of both the player’s union and their ability to be fairly compensated.  Commissioner David Stern’s hardline stance has totally turned me off, as well, and their effort now looks a lot more like a giant screw job of the players rather than a fair deal where everyone benefits.  

Read my updated point of view on the NBA lockout on Bleacher Report

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, but it’s looking more and more like the owners are more than willing to throw away an entire season in order to break the players, you know, the folks that actually generate all that revenue in the first place.   Stupidity knows no bounds, apparently, even among billionaires.

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