Writing Around The World (Wide Web)

I haven’t been writing much of late here, mostly because my interests have changed.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing entirely.  In fact, I’ve been writing just as much as ever, only in different places.

Primarily of late, I’ve done a bit of political based writing on a new blog I fired up a couple months back called “Living With The Apocalypse.”  The apocalypse I speak of is the unmitigated economic catastrophe we’re all subjected to these days.  With the Watershed Chronicle, my primary focus, outside of the occasional pointless rant, was to ostensibly follow the decline and fall of the publishing industry.  With my new blog, I’ve aimed (slightly) higher, chronicling the decline and fall of an economy that benefits anyone except the banks, corporations and the filthy rich.

But while my mind may be gravitating toward those ends these days, I don’t want to neglect this blog.  The Watershed Chronicle has been very good to me.  And I must admit, I really dig the name.  I even published my short story collection under a Watershed Publications imprint.

I’ve also taken to using Twitter quite regularly.  I’ll admit, I never really got Twitter for the longest time.  I, rather mistakenly, thought it was a 140 character replicant of Facebook.  But after delving in, Twitter has become my primary news source.  Making selective choices about which people and organizations I follow has produced a steady stream of links to articles, news, comments and information across a wide range of topics.  I’m a total convert at this point, and I strongly recommend it to anyone and everyone else out there. 

I also tweet regularly, and anyone out there please feel free to check me out, follow me or whatever.  As an added bonus, tweets linking to just about anything I write anywhere are automatically generated.

There are, of course, rss feeds to my various blogs, Twitter feeds, etc, scattered about the right hand sidebar here, but I’ve also decided to put some links to my stuff in this space, as well.  After all, the internet is all about interconnected, intertwined linking, an ecosystem in all its technologically organic glory.  So keep reading, or keep following or both.  And I’ll be sure to let you know when I figure out what Google+ is all about.


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  1. When you say you’re “chronicling the decline and fall of an economy that benefits anyone except the banks, corporations and the filthy rich” do you mean “no one”? I’ve read the sentence four or five times and still can’t understand it. Maybe I just need to try again…

    • Yeah, I rewrote that line two or three times, still didn’t get it right apparently. Ultimately, it will end up benefitting no one, rich included but right now we’re in a place where corporations, financial institutions and crazy-rich folks make out and the vast majority of us suffer.

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