I Love Tall Ships! Downrigging Weekend in Chestertown

So, I rolled out of bed this morning, took a shower, brushed my teeth, walked to Dunkin Donuts for a blueberry coffee and then wandered to the Chester River waterfront here in Chestertown. This weekend, in addition to being Halloween, is the Schooner Sultana’s Downrigging Weekend celebration of the end of the season for tall ships. Docked along the water in Chestertown are a nice array of classic vessels, including the Kalmar Nyckel out of Wilmington, DE, The Pride of Baltimore II, the skipjack Elsworth, the John Smith Shallop that sailed up the Bay in honor of the 400th anniversary of Smith’s voyage a couple years ago, and a bunch more. Working for boating magazines as long as I have, there were certain things I always enjoyed more than anything. While I could take or leave another poker run, or fishing tournament, anytime there was a tall ship on hand, or other classic wooden vessel, I was checking that out. To be able to walk a mile and a half from my front door and see a dozen or more of them is just cool. I couldn’t do that when I lived in Elkton. Somehow, I don’t think the Kalmar Nyckel would make it up the Elk Creek these days.

Anyway, there’s all sorts of stuff going on here over the course of the weekend, including the vessels all being illuminated with fireworks overhead Saturday night, and a cannon battle on the Chester River tomorrow morning. You can visit the Sultana Projects website here for all the info. If you’re around this area, it’s definitely worth checking out. The pics posted here, by the way, I snapped on my camera during my walk this morning. God, I love technology.











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