I’m Back! A few goodbyes and a new beginning

So, after a brief hiatus, I’ve returned to writing my random ramblings here.  In the month and a half since my last post, much has changed.  For one thing, I have a new residence in Chestertown.  After spending all of my life in Cecil County, I felt it was time for a change.  The job market is pretty lousy, to say the least, and I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that the folks entrusted with bringing economic prosperity to Cecil really had the best interests of the people who live and work there at heart.

Perhaps the last straw really was the company of the year award that I wrote so much about previously here, here, here and here.  I just can’t reconcile how a failing company shedding people virtually by the day can win such an award.  Plus, there’s one more little tidbit of info about this.

Considering that I was basically the only one publically calling out nearly everyone involved in this absurdity, how’s this for a coincidence?  My mother worked at Chesapeake Publishing for something like 25 years.  Less than a week after the award was given, and I wrote the rather scathing piece entitled “A Bad Joke”, my mother was summarily dismissed from the company.  She was called in on a Friday afternoon and told, “today’s your last day, we don’t need you anymore.”  Odd, no?

The funny thing is, mom does’t even read this site, let alone know what I write about.  And she was always amazed at how I had better information than the people who work there.  I never once used her as a source for anything, nor would I.  Yet, only a few days following my post, which included this little not-so-polite quote: 

“There is no way I would have accepted an award like this in similar circumstances even if given. And I certainly wouldn’t have lobbied for it. Thanks but no thanks. I would have had a little respect for the community I was trying to serve by allowing someone who really deserves the recognition to receive it, not just so I can hang another plaque on the wall, have a soundbite in the paper, and call myself an “award-winning” company. An honor like this that isn’t really deserved has no meaning.”

My mom got the axe.  Coincidence?  You be the judge.

In other news, it turns out that the eulogy I wrote for Nor’easter Magazine, which I helped found with many others, was just a short few months premature.
Written two weeks before Christmas, it was a glance at the magazine’s final issue of 2009 and how the last few remaining traits of the style of the magazine we started in 2001 were gone.

Well, by the 4th of July of 2010,  Nor’easter had published its final issue ever.  Interestingly, I was contacted to do some writing for Nor’easter, beginning with the July 2 edition.  I had two articles in that issue, giving me the unique “honor” of being the only person involved with the magazine’s first issue and its last issue.  I suppose that kind of complete circle well and truly wraps up the cycle of Nor’easter Magazine.  To be fair, the letter I received announcing the ceasing of publication did say that, if and when the economy and the boating market specifically rebounds, they could come back on the scene.  But that’s a very large uncertainty at this point.

In my eulogy, I said about Nor’easter’s possible future:

“The market will ultimately bear out how well the new direction plays.”

Well, it looks like the market provided about six months of life support.  I still think the December 2009 issue is a more fitting closing.  The 2010 season was sort of like Johnny Unitas playing for the Chargers or Joe Namath with the Rams.  Sure, they were great in their day, but they should have hung up their cleats before that one final,  reputation damaging season.

Anyway, now that I’ve got this app for my Android phone, I’ll be writing again regularly.  And who knows what any of it will be?

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  1. Dan-
    Happy to be able to read your blog again- hope all is well.
    Maybe an additional comment on the Nor’easter would be fitting as some folks didn’t even know they stopped publishing. I was always proud to be a part of the old Nor’easter, and like others , miss it.

  2. Welcome back…missed reading your blog

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