Charles Barkley on Politics

A lot of people don’t like Charles Barkley.  Some think he’s a blow-hard just shooting his mouth off.  Well, yeah, he is, but I personally like people who say what they think without giving a damn about what others think of him.  If more people were like that, it would be a more interesting world.  Anyway, I read an interview on a site called Sports Media Watch with Barkley this morning that covered a lot of ground.  The part I particularly liked was when they got into politics.

Barkley’s TNT NBA show was criticized recently for bringing politics into the discussion when the Phoenix Suns wore their Los Suns jerseys during one of the games with the San Antonio Spurs to protest Arizona’s new (read: intrusive, unconstitutional, discriminatory) immigration law.   Personally, I had no problem with that topic or bringing politics into it because those kinds of self-serving laws affect us all negatively.  Anyway, Barkley, who once seriously considered running for Governor of Alabama, explained his feeling on politics.  Here’s a quote (the expletives were deleted on the SMW site):

“you watch politics, you see – they don’t give a s*** about these people. They’re going to do their right wing thing, the left wing is going to do their left-wing – the only people who lose are the people. You just try to be honest and straightforward. First of all, the Democrats and the Republicans both are full of s***. They’ve all sold their souls to special interest groups.”

Here, here Chuck.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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