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So there’s a couple new things over the past few days.  One, there is a digital version of my book now available for those of you with a Kindle reader from Amazon.  There’s a link to the listing on Amazon under Buy My Book on the sidebar to the right.  Also, I’ve made three of the stories in the book readily available on the book’s website (click here to go there) for anyone who would like to check out a sample.  I also put links to the stories on the sidebar here, as well.  Feel free to save a copy, print one out for later perusal, or email them to your friends and family, or anyone you think might like them.  There are handy links to the book sales sites embedded into the files, so after you’ve finished reading and it has–hopefully–whetted your appetite for more, you can just click there to order up a copy of the full book.

I have to say that this experience has been pretty fun so far.  I’ve often dealt with people’s publications from the other side, having promotional material sent to me as an editor for various publications over the years, but this is the first time I’ve done that promotional stuff for something I am personally hocking.  I’m pretty amazed at the ample possibilities for drawing attention and finding prospective customers.  I knew that the internet had opened lots of doors, but even I hadn’t realized the full extent to which they’ve thrown them wide for just about anyone.  And I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.  I’ve got at least a handful of other things I’m working on to continue to promote the book, and every time I think I’ve got my bases covered, I run across something else I hadn’t considered before.  That happened just this morning as I was posting the story files.  What did I find, you might ask?  Well, just wait and see.

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