Anybody Want A Cat? They make great holiday gifts!

During the days, I work in a vet’s office.  As such, we see a lot of animals come and go.  Now, we are not a rescue.  We don’t accept animals or make a habit of finding homes for strays.  But, every now and then, things happen.  Kittens show up on people’s front porch out of nowhere, or a mother cat leaves a litter of several under someone’s shed.  Well, it’s kind of difficult to turn away a poor, homeless kitten just starting out in life.

Which brings me to my point.  Currently, we are harboring three such young cats in the clinic, just looking for good homes.  They’re friendly, playful and, most importantly, free to a good home.  The white and black cat is male and he has been neutered.  They’ve each had some vaccines, as well.  This holiday season, what better gift could there be than a free cat?  It’s a lot cheaper than a Plasma TV, and more fun, too.  Give us a call at The Pet Wellness Center in Port Deposit at 410-658-4269 to pick up your free cat today!

Please.  Seriously, we’ve had the gray one and the white one for over a month now.  The white one’s getting restless.  I was slow feeding him yesterday morning, and he gave me an open paw slap as I passed his spot in the kennel.  You’d really be helping me out.  Come on, it’s Christmas.  They can keep the kids occupied.  They don’t eat much.  They’re litter trained.  Please.  410-658-4269.  Call now while supplies last!  And for a limited time, if you adopt one cat, you can get an extra one free!  That’s two cats for the price of none.  You won’t get a holiday deal that good anywhere else.

And who wants a Wii anyway?  Ten years from now, it’ll be an out-of-date piece of junk sitting in the back of your closet while the kitten would still be snuggling up next to you on the couch and purring away.  Give the gift of love this Christmas.  It’s priceless.  And let me emphasize one more time, they’re free!  410-658-4269.  What’re you waiting for?  You know you want one.  Get one for your brother or sister, too.  Maybe Grandma would like one.  They’re free!  Everybody loves freebies.  410-658-4269.  Please.  Don’t let these poor, defenseless little kittens be forced to spend Christmas alone in a cold, stainless steel cage.  Is the guilt getting to you yet?  410-658-4269.  One more time, that’s 410-658-4269.  Get your’s today! Don’t miss your opportunity to make this an unforgettable Christmas!  Pretty please?

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