More Bluster from Murdoch

Just a quick point.  Apparently, two lawyers that do a lot of work representing newspapers ran an editorial in the Wall Street Journal attempting to justify Rupert Murdoch’s claims that Google infringes on their copyright. I’m not going to justify this absurdity with much commentary other than to say that you can read all about it here and here. These are the same two guys who spouted this little bit of insanity about saving newspapers back in May.  It’s a lot like the, “we destroyed the village in order to save it,” argument.  Let’s gut everything of use in the internet, copyright law and anti-trust law and that’ll save journalism.   Sure, for your clients.

I did take particular pleasure in reading the part about a lawsuit in 2001 that the New York Times lost.  Apparently, that news rag decided that it was perfectly fine to reuse freelancer’s work anyway they wanted forever because they paid for one-time use rights.  Way to keep the moral high-ground.  Big-time publishers were ripping off freelancers for web material and now are accusing Google of ripping off the same material from them.  See, the content is valuable to this group.  It’s just the writers that aren’t.

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