Calling a Skink a Skink

So that's what a skink is. Photo by Henryk Kotowski.

As some of you may know, yesterday, I was accosted by a comment from an annoyed reader who, among other things, suggested than I might possibly end up “smelling like a skink.” I immediately wondered what exactly was a skink (besides an obvious typo)?  Well, after a little zoological research, I discovered that a skink is, in fact, a real animal.  It’s the name for a family of lizards, one of the most diverse families of lizards, according to Wikipedia.  Try as I might, however, I was unable to locate any information about any foul-smelling odors they might happen to emit.  Oh well.  I guess just discovering that it’s actually a real thing is enough.  See, you really do learn something new every day.

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  1. Well I doubt he was trying to call you a skink. He really should use Spell Check that comes with ALL computers these days or at least proof read what he’s writing especially when it’s being posted on a public website.

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