Local Happening’s: Politics and Base Ball (two words)

A funny thing happens when you start up a website; all of a sudden, you get emails from people looking to promote stuff.  It’s like you just magically become a member of the media.  Now, technically, I’ve been a member of the media since 1997, but I started this website for a couple of reasons.  One, I like to write.  And I have lots of opinions.  Too many, as numerous people over the years have so graciously pointed out to me.

The second reason was as a learning experience.  If any of you have read me regularly, you’ll know that I routinely discuss the troubles of the press.  Well, no small portion of those troubles have been caused by the emergence of the internet.  If I am going to be able to continue to do this kind of work and keep paying my bills, then I decided that I had better start to figure out how this whole internet thing works.  So, this began as an experiment in picking up some behind-the-scenes skills in setting up and managing a website.  Now that traffic has improved pretty dramatically of late, I’m planning to keep expanding the things I’m doing and see where I can take it from here.

So, back to my original point, I’ve gotten a couple emails lately promoting some things going on in this area.  As much as I haven’t actually defined what area I’m covering per se, for the purposes of this next sentence, let me say Cecil, Kent and Harford County, MD and New Castle County, DE, just for a guide.  That’s the general area in which I live and play, but I try not to limit myself.  It’s a small world, and getting smaller every day.  Places that used to seem far-flung aren’t quite so out of the way anymore.  Anyway, I will routinely being passing along some info on some interesting goings on in this area, starting with this post.  If you’ve got anything you’d like to get out there, you can email me at watershedchronicle@yahoo.com.

First off, if you are of the Republican persuasion, you might find this interesting.  Michael Steele, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee and former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, will be appearing at a fund-raising dinner for Andy Harris November 18 at the Imperial Hotel in Chestertown. Harris is a three-term Maryland General Assembly member who is now running for a seat at the big dance in the U.S. Congress.  If that’s your cup of tea (Get it?  Tea Party reference?), contact Joe Holt at 410-778-6987 or email jholt1961@washcoll.edu.

Secondly, I received this great PDF newsletter from the Elkton Eclipse Vintage Base Ball League team just yesterday.  I had heard a bit about this but I didn’t realize that they actually had a league and played for championships and such.  I’ve always been a baseball fan from when I was a little kid.  I’ve lost some interest over the past few years as the Major League version of the game seems to have lost its way a bit, but I still have fond memories of bouncing a tennis ball off my grandparent’s garage wall at an angle so I had to dive to catch it, pretending I was Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken or some other former Oriole legend.

Apparently, the Elkton Eclipse, named after an actual former team back in the 1860s, are three time state champs and won the Mid-Atlantic League this past season.  Well, according to the newsletter, they are working on scheduling a number of home games in Cecil County in 2010.  I’m going to have to go see one of those.  Or better yet, maybe I can try out.  There is a call for players in there, as well as a mention of the expanding Mid-Atlantic League.  Hey, I could play third base.  Wait, there’s no gloves?  Well, how about Designated Hitter?  Oh yeah, that didn’t come along until 1973.  Left Field it is then.

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