Publishing Links For Today: Rupert’s got a problem

I’ve got a pair of links for you today, both sort of related.  The first is this, a piece on NewsCorp’s front man Rupert Murdoch once again spouting off about his plans to destroy Google and make big money through paywalls to his news sites.  I love the quote that “there’s not enough advertising in the world to make all web sites profitable.”  First off, pretty defeatest attitude there for a supposed business champion.  Secondly, I don’t think anyone is pretending that there is enough advertising to make all websites profitable, just like there isn’t enough advertising to make all print publications profitable.  The problem here is that we know that there aren’t enough online subscribers to make his websites with a paywall and no search engines profitable.  And if Rupert isn’t careful, there’s not going to be enough willing advertisers to make his newspapers profitable again, either.  Also, don’t miss the slight mention of challenging the concept of Fair Use in court.  It’s going to be a key component in these guys’ business plan to morph the law into a sword for their benefit.

My second link today is closely related.  Here is a rather interesting comparison between coverage of a company by an independent blogger and the New York Times. Not surprisingly, the blogger actually did some investigative work, and tied together many sources to expose a pretty sleazy online scam by the company in question.  The Times piece, on the other hand, completely ignored the scams and put out a nice little press release for a would-be advertiser.  With content like this put out by major newspapers, I’m sure everyone will be lining up to buy into Rupert’s online subscription racket.  And, no, that’s not actually Steve Jobs’ website.

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